North Twin - webpagesthatsuck

"Loaded" - The last song from North Twin's farewell concert. I always get sad when I watch this video. Another band dying of "What Should Have Been." A couple of months before they announced they were disbanding I asked Daisy, Tony's wonderful wife, "What does victory look like for North Twin?" She replied, "You'll have to talk to Tony." I suspect victory looks a lot like this performance. I know it looks EXACTLY like the next song they played, "It's Only Rock and Roll." BTW I must own a copy of that video. I didn't make one because I wanted to savor the moment because I somehow knew it was going to be incredible. Tim DiJulio reminds me a lot of the late, great guitarist Clarence White -- if Clarence played like a whirling dervish on a 2-week meth binge. I hope Tim gets the band he deserves, but as Clint Eastwood said so profoundly in The Unforgifven "Deserve's got nothing to do with it."